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Fonda Na’Desh, MBA, Ed.D


Dr. Fonda Na'Desh

Dr. Fonda Na’Desh

Fonda Na’Desh, MBA, Ed.D. is the founder and principal consultant and coach.  She leads a multidisciplinary team of professionals specializing in designing and implementing programs and solutions.

Dr. Fonda Na’Desh is a solution finder. She brings to any situation a lifetime of knowledge and experiences that includes education (formal and informal) and her professional background.  Her diverse professional experiences range from a manager in the computer industry to an adjunct professor in graduate-level programs.

Dr. Fonda Na’Desh’s professional background began in the technology field when she worked for Cray Research Inc., (at that time, creator of the world’s fastest supercomputer).  Yet as processing speeds increased and computer sizes shrunk, she determined the need to understand the business side of the organization and obtained an MBA from Pepperdine University Graziadio School of Business and Management.  After being included in a rif (lay off),  she realized that there must be a balanced way to implement change.  As a result, Dr. Na’Desh sought a doctorate in Organization Change from Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology.

Dr. Na’Desh has a passion for assisting others in reaching their goals. She has volunteered at SCORE-Los Angeles since 2009. During her first two years at SCORE-Los Angles, she served as a mentor for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Dr. Na’Desh also served on the SCORE-Los Angeles governing board for three years.

At Na’Desh & Associates, she assists individuals and organizations in moving to their next level. Her current focus is coaching small business owners in transitioning from being a worker to being a leader.